Apple and Cisco the red carpet treatment


Apple and Cisco have come out publicly about their partnership and how this will change the corporate mentality. Apple was once only seen as a platform for music, art and individuals but it is quickly becoming a platform for corporations.  This venture is quickly becoming the cornerstone for Apple to be a name that will be viable for big corporations and industries and is all thanks to this partnership.

Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of the IoT and Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco, said: “Businesses everywhere are becoming digital, software-driven and mobile-centric. People are already bringing their own devices into the office, and they want access to the information they need at their fingertips—anytime, anywhere.”

We are really excited about the deeper partnership between Cisco and Apple. The whole idea behind the work we’re doing together is to simplify the user experience.”

This is all being driven by one main theme with Apple and that is simplicity. More and more people are bringing their own devices to work and that brings a demand that Apple can meet. Simplicity and stream line is the cornerstone of Apple and it is why Apple is becoming the go to company for the enterprise industry.

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